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Yurt Kits


Yurt homes have become a global leader in providing people with a unique getaway or sheltered living space. Great Lake Yurts and Groovy Mongolian Yurts remain industry pioneers in designing yurt shelters for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and get a touch closer with mother nature. Featuring traditional felt insulation, decorated wood frames and canvas walls, your yurt home is ideal for a home yoga studio, glamping home, bar, Air BnB and more.

As the glamping craze booms in the US with people looking for more traditional ways of escaping daily life, Groovy Yurts have taken a traditional Mongolian Yurt home and introduced it to North America to help you get closer with mother nature. With our 4 and 5 wall models, choose your size and trimmings (color) and have your DIY yurt kit shipped in a flatpack to your doorstep for assembly.

Great Lakes Yurts

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