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Fire Pits

Fire Pit Art have uniquely designed a wide variation of tailored American made stainless-steel fire pits, to take your home patio or Glamping site to that next level. With stylish designs and Tennessee tailoring, you can pick and choose which model best fits your personality type. Choose from over a dozen beautiful designs and select from Propane, Match Lit, AWEIS or a simple wood burning fire pits to fit your taste. All models are a heavy set, so they don’t get misplaced in high winds, light enough to remain portable and maintenance free. Enjoy free shipping all summer and have your luxury outdoor fire pit delivered to your home. 

Solo Stove Bonfire

$299.99 $349.99

Solo Stove Yukon

$539.00 $649.99

Solo Stove Bonfire Stand

$49.99 $69.99