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Bell Tents


As far as Camping in style goes, Canvas Camp have perfected the art of outdoor living in stunning, Pro Canvas Sibley Bell Tents. Though easily affordable, their Sibley 300 & 400 models are conveniently spacious for a small-medium group and evoke a homie, comfortable ambiance compared to your generic camping tent. For those travelling with a bigger crowd, the Sibley 500 & 600 models are more suitable, with a more dynamic and spacious floor plan provided.

With roll-up side walls, a zip up floor and breathable canvas material, all your models are designed to remain clean from mold and UV penetration. Whether you’re looking to roll up the side walls and picnic on the grass under the shade of the canopy or shield yourself from the humidity and heat of the summer, pick and choose your Sibley model (Ultimate, Ultimate SE, ProTech, Pro & Standard) to accommodate your requirements. Portable in zip lock bags, with spring loaded poles and pins provided, enjoy Free Shipping on all models and have your own Canvas Camp Bell Tent delivered to your doorstep.